Farmer’s Market

FM Rules Regulations 2020

2020 Great Farmer’s Market Registration Form


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The vision of The Great Sidney Farmers’ Market is to link regional farmers, growers, and 

producers with consumers, putting fresh, wholesome, regionally sourced foods in the hands of those who most need and desire them.


The mission of The Great Sidney Farmers’ Market is to strengthen the health of our citizens and visitors; increase sales of our regional food producers and local businesses; improve the environment; and build community. We will accomplish this mission by providing a marketplace where farmers, growers, and producers will directly sell their fresh, regionally-sourced goods to consumers; and where community members can come together on a regular basis in a pleasant, safe, and festive atmosphere.

11986358_528098810672218_5436112453522865422_nThe Great Downtown Sidney Farmers Market is open each Saturday morning beginning in late May and running through the middle of October each year. The hours of the market are 8:00 am to noon each Saturday.  Vendors FM Rules Regulations 2020 FINALcome from all around the area to sell their wares.

The market is “the place to be” on Saturday mornings throughout the season.  Crafters offer a large variety of homemade items, and farmers bring their freshest produce to tantalize your taste buds.  Fresh baked goods and jams and jellies are always a crowd pleaser.  Plants and flowers are abundant.  Shop early for your best selection!

Entertainment is brought in on various occasions, and it all blends in with the ambiance of the court square to make each Saturday a great stroll around the downtown.